Kriket federacija Srbije

Dunabogdany CC – Mirijevo CC

The first international test for Mirijevo players, took place in Dunabogdany, a picturesque village of Pest county. Although the first innings, in which Mirijevo scored 154 runs, with the help of exquisite Luke Ginnell having stepped in the shoes of the best ''cats' '' player Bancroft, gave the impression that the guests will easily bring the match to a victorious finish, the hosting team didn't give up. From the beginning of their innings, they were in their A-game, and despite having three wickets taken pretty early, their best players Shobit Gupta and Brandon Krueger made quite an effort to spice things up for Ninkovic and his Mirijevo teammates, bringing the victory to the popular ''storks'' in the 21st over. 

After that match, another 15-over, friendly one, was organized with mixed teams and so all the players got their chance to bowl and bat.